The Mirror's Face

by Hero's Last Rite

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released April 12, 2014

Tim Gorman - Guitar
Mike Davidson - Guitar
Steve McDonald - Vocal
Dan Rogers - Drums
Paul Vidal - Bass



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Hero's Last Rite Fredericton, New Brunswick

Hero's Last Rite has quickly become a towering pillar in the New Brunswick metal community. Consisting of vocalist Stephen McDonald, bassist Eric Godin, drummer Dan Rogers and guitarists Mike Davidson and Tim Gorman, Hero's Last Rite takes rein of the classic thrash and death metal sound and instills their own voice into it. ... more

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Track Name: The Mirror's Face
Fuck the ones that tell you how to live
your life Decisions made that show the
blade won’t always come back to turn
the knife.
Lip service to the masses who cry a
pathetic game How you live and who
you are will still remain the same
before you fall
No matter who you encounter. No matter
how hard we place the blame A cheek
unturned is a better state when unraveling
the pieces of the game
But it’s hard to see when the page is
blank Decisions made in time the ending
is bleak Falling back on the price we pay
never going back Falling in the hole that’s
built upon the layers that we stack
Can you count all the times you deny? If
it ends in the blink of an eye I see control
turn to spite so tell me what would you do
in the last minute of your life?
Would you take a knee or take a stand?
Would you throw it all away? Would you
see your end? Would it be in sight? Would
it give you a reason to stay?
Looking in the darkest end does it tell
you what to do? Seeking passion layer by
layer does the mirror say that it’s you?
Pre Chorus; Chorus
Solo: Mike
I will be the blank eyed stare I will be
the one never there I will show you what
you’ve done When the face looking back
knows that it has won
Pre Chorus
When you try to look back on your life do
you find yourself asking why? When the
mirror’s face tell all what would you do?
what would you say?
Can you count all the times you deny? If
it ends in the blink of an eye And in your
final fight I ask you what would you do in
the last minute of your life?
Track Name: Generation Why
Where’s the line that protects us all from
the source of our mistakes? Coming
down towing the line not seeing what a
difference makes. Who makes the rules
when passing down? Who makes the
judgment call? A means to an end to save
yourself but who takes the fall?
Born into the troubled hands of what we
create without a line of fire. In a declining
youth we cut the hands that mend
excuses yet we strengthen the tie. Falling
short can’t see the way with no plan in
sight. We ask a generation why?
Solo: Tim
Back to face the reality of a generation’s
fate. Craving numbers of those that stand
against a future they can’t eliminate. Born
without a sense to see what’s coming
next. Step in the line of fire!
Time will tell what the future holds for
those that write their book. A passive
eye and it slips away without taking a
second look
Cheating on your only cause to make the
future right. So don’t back in the corner
of doubt when it’s time to fight. Born to
take a stand against the odds Become
the line of fire!
Track Name: Viral Judgment
“I have nobody I need someone”
An innocent so young and insecure
Feeling shame for deeds yet thoughts
remain pure. Untold story lines of guilt
and repent The need to end it all the only
line of defense
No intention real emotion. No intention
real emotion. Beaten down by cruelty
can’t take it anymore. No intention real
emotion, time to settle the score
Solo: Mike
Judge her not for what you say you
hide behind the words when tempting
fate it seems absurd. Fear of violent
endings what’s the price she’ll pay? Until
your dying day you can’t take back the
words you say
What will tomorrow bring a better day or
not? Facing faces that are there to take
their shot. Spilling blood a tortured soul
with no defense. A crippling act from long
ago. To suffer makes no sense.
Pre Chorus
Solo: Mike
A resolution plot will anybody care? To tell
the world of her struggle does she dare?
Everyday she thinks “why am I still here?”
Until the day she told the world “time to
Pre Chorus; Chorus
Track Name: Plague
What is my true plague? The monkey on
my back. The only one that treats me like
a slave. I take the steps you’re always
there to push me down where I cannot
be saved.
Whatever I do whatever I say you counter
words and contort the truth. Blistering
skin that eats through my soul. The light
burns my truth
Face the time it takes to be healed and
well. How do I break free from this cell.
Back against the wall when will it come to
an end? Break free from this Hell!
Waking up feeling like I fought through
a war. A war within myself. My mind
tells me to get on with my day. My body
something else. Cursing nerves blaming
strength will never ease the pain. The
sense of living through a million lives
while being bound in chains.
1st solo: Mike
2nd solo: Tim
I will heal, I will mend while others suffer
on. Changing guilt to a healing tool the
pain is now long gone. Did I really suffer
with the physical pain? My body tells me
such. Did I really suffer with a physical
plague or was the guilt too much?
Track Name: I Am Atomic
Look in my eyes they right the wrong.
Look at my face you’re not so strong.
Look at my hands they tell the sign. Look
at my past cause it’s not mine. Feed
my mouth for words I say. Break the
silence taken away. Distance travelled no
destination. Seek the path of violation.
With words of lies the cheap excuses trap
what we defend until the end. And when
we die why can’t we define and know we
lived a live with purpose
Modern choices lead the way. Mega
Millions thrown away. Cheaters win
without a cost. While honest people take
the loss. Question silence seek the truth.
Bleeding souls hide the way. Broken
promises till the end. And choke the life
out of your trend!
When silence speaks louder than war
.Silence fails and takes no more. When
war becomes all we know. How do we
teach our children to grow?
Words of war that strike the path. Dismal
signs that share the wrath. Find resolve
in times of need the strength of one
that plants the seed. Growth in common
dignity propels the terror we foresee.
Burning walls all around and fire within
the silent round.
In our demise the cheap excuses trap
what we defend until the end. And when
we die why can’t we define and know we
lived a live with purpose.
Face to face towards the end. Back to
back with no defense. Crumbled rite in
time of sorrow. Choosing those that beg
and borrow. Caring strong while dying
weak. This is why our future’s bleak. Why
we never see the need when biting off the
hand that feeds.
1st solo:Tim; 2nd solo: Mike
3rd solo: Tim; 4th solo: Mike
The power of one can change the world
only if the power of many fuel the resolve
and make the world know that we as
people have a right!
Power of one can change the world and
right the wrong My contention needs no
mention the power struggle lies within!
When we chose not to do what’s right the
ones that lose are forced to fight. Seeing
now who truly cares. Wondering who in
the end will be there.
Track Name: Realign
Blackened rage feeding the wounds
to turn the turmoil back on you. Who
cares what tomorrow brings unless it
tears apart what we can’t undo. The
struggle we bare the struggle we share a
persecution always fills in the holes. So
when tomorrow comes will I stand or will I
face the fire burning my soul.
Turn the page nothing to stage nothing
but the memory within. Memories fade
and fade away and all that’s left in me is
wearing thin.
Fill my emptiness.
Find the will to see what I missed.
How did I fall in this twisted scheme when
nothing real is what it seems. Follow the
path that will take me back where I’m
surrounded. What’s the point in learning
to lie when my whole life’s an alibi.
Realize mistakes and fly back to a place
where I realign.
Bleeding out the lines of torture within will
help me free myself from being bound.
Starting stepping running falling is the key
to a higher ground.
Pre Chorus; Chorus
Pleading with myself
(why can’t I find the way?)
Bleeding with myself
(how do I find the way?)
Screaming to myself
(when will I find the way?)
Fighting with myself
1st solo: Mike; 2nd solo: Tim
Seeking effects not knowing what’s next
to change the world in a single day. Taking
the time to see what I can find will help to
find a meaning to stay. A better way to live
my life so not to walk alone in a time of
need. Spoken out when down and out and
realign without the notion to bleed.
Turn the page hit the stage reborn in the
blink of an eye. Never look back never
relive the memory of wondering why.
Pre Chorus; Chorus
Track Name: The Voice Of Guilt
The side of me you took from me is this
the side you’ll never see. Why despair
you’re never there you’re never the one
I imagined will care. You say too much
yet never enough and not the word you
promised to us. You can’t win without a
voice without the ones who were robbed
of their choice.
Contemplating where we go from here. A
start without the mechanism to steer. The
gas burns red, enough was said to bear
the burden of the complications when
we are dead from the inexcusable lies
cowering plans without an explanation
why. We brought you in we’ll take you
out we’ll break the promise of the words
that came out a layer shed better off dead
better off than living on the words from
your death.
Another breath another death without
compensating life, without a cost,
without a loss, without owning up to
your words, another purge, another surge,
another victim falls for greed and stays
true to your seed but falls loyal to your
condescending victory.
Satisfaction in a state of mind. Presenting
ideas that cross the line. Blinded souls
dig their holes and hide the truth that
saturates the standards we share with a
price but lose the war and lose the right
and dignity to settle the score.
Shining through a clouded window pane
rebelling seems weak the words we
strain. Countering promises broken by a
promise forgetting the lie you made to be
honest in death.
The side of me you never see, will never
force the blood out of me, caution taken,
standards broken, standards built on a
will never spoken, crying game is never
the same, nevermore will you place the
blame, robbery guilt robbed of our
choice, when you robbed us of the
power of our voice.
Track Name: Blind Eye Compromise
Whatever we think we’ve learned about
this life or what comes next. Power that
be will turn and blurry the vision of what
to expect.
Banking on what we’ve earned.
Embracing the riches life provides.
Complacent in how it unfolds makes me
want to run and hide.
Lack in our sense of what we’ve learned
How did it turn? Who of you can show
me now? What does it entail? Why can’t
we prevail?
Judgment will collapse the walls of
trust to those enslaved. Back against
the memories within and never relive
them again. Back to what exposed the
suffocation taking the last breath we have.
You can breathe a sigh of wretched
air knowing your days are numbered.
Composing our retreat to run away from
what we see but isn’t really there and
never was mine to begin. Trying days
impose the trying times of what to expect.
Solo: Mike
Blind Eye Compromise!
Blind Eye Compromise!
Track Name: What I Long For
Imploding in my body lying, dying retrieve
what I had before. Nerves that crack at
the sight of the end breaking down for
what’s in store
Why is there a sense of burden, torment,
enraged without knowing why. Fault is
taken blindly shallow no reprieve from
all that lie.
Back to the way it was. Back to the day it
was. Tripping on the fallen words. I need
to say. How do I stop the time? How to I
know what’s mine? Tripping on the fallen
souls that lie here. Feed what I need to
say. Feed even with decay. Tripping on the
fallen shadow I once was. No use time
regret. No use time we fret.Tripping on the
fallen voices inside my head.
How did I fall from this grace? When what
I had before was nothing more than a
simple trace of what I long for.
Solo: Tim
Beaten down to the depth of hell like
never seen before. Going forward with the
end in sight not knowing what live for.
Pledging everything we are to the will we
know so well .Standing tall in the time of
need with a plan so easy to tell.
Pre Chorus; Chorus
Solo: Tim
Pre Chorus; Chorus
Track Name: Save It For My Ghost
Just save it for my ghost because I’m not
there I never was and I don’t know who
you thought would care. Bleeding words
you say to make me feel myself and never
shy away from owning my fake wealth.
Patronizing disbelief becoming insecure to
make decisions stay and mentally be pure
Take away the hurt so peace can make a
stand. Fighting with an empty shell so real
but in demand.
Can we find the right? Can we find the
wrong? Can we block out all the things
that try to make us strong?
Why can’t we find the truth no matter how
hard we try? Can we find the words to say
when words become the lie?
No matter who you are. No matter what
you say. No matter how the future ends
it ends the same way. No matter how we
die. Somehow that matters most. So take
the world that brings me down and save
it for my ghost.
Reliving dreams I lie awake the life I once
knew. So what comes next when the
karma stares back at you?
Backing in a corner,fighting my way
out. Fighting all the demons served not
hearing what they shout. Crushing all I
know, hoping it will mend Hoping for a
new beginning while running for the end.
Solo: Tim